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When we think of mother earth, we think of fertility, but by placing a male in the landscape, it creates a different conversation. Insertion is a body of work that references classical nude genre and reverses the dominant roles of the male artist and the female nude. I am entirely pushing my position as a female photographer, by solely being a director. By referencing classical paintings and sculptures of females created by male artists, I am reversing the art by including a male nude in landscape settings. I am switching the power relationship between the female and male. When I am in the landscape photographing these men, a beautiful bond between me, the camera and subject forms. There becomes an intimate and dynamic connection. Consent is one of the main components of this body of work. I have created a back in forth conversation that allows the subjects to be as much part of this work as I am. By creating these images in Platinum Palladium, I am adapting the male nude form in the landscape into the past.

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